Friday, January 25, 2008

(Some) men are creepy

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So I'm sitting at the Reference desk today. I have to say that I really don't care what people do on the public computers, nor do I wander around trying to catch them looking at Sports Illustrated swimsuit pictures, or worse, online. Just avert my eyes, that's my usual tack, plus it's usually too busy to spy.

There was a wandering soul who smelled like a freakin' distillery. He walked around a lot. I could have followed him and discovered his stash, but he was quiet and pacing himself, and I just didn't want to deal.

In any case, today was pretty quiet. About halfway through my hour on the desk, a nice normal-looking 50-ish guy walks in and sits down at the computer I can see the best from where I sit--when I'm looking at my computer. His screen sort of peeks out from behind mine.

And suddenly I see this peeking. Followed by this. So I sat and watched, from 10 yards away, as he popped back and forth between Google Images and individual pictures. I came home and did a search on the "tags" on those two images--first I had to reset my Google preferences. Eventually, one of the other librarians went over and reminded him that he was in a public place, where there are children (and their parents around) and whatever he was searching for was bringing up inappropriate images. He left soon after.

But I know his name. It's a pretty common name. His first name is the same as Dean's IRL name; the last name is the same as the name of the first silver ore discovery in the U.S. Someone with that name has an Amazon profile. There's also a LinkedIn person with the same name. I have now unlinked from both of them, since they are, quite likely, nice people who would prefer to rip this guy's balls off.


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