Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm still around...

Mood: Tired, but relatively content
Hair: It's not good
Listening to: Survivor preview

Beast is out of town again. Not that this is news. huh

But thanks to Meebo, we can still talk about Important Stuff. Please join our conversation in midstream, as we turn on the Sarah Conner Chronicles:

[19:47] Beast: How's he [Sparky] like this episode? How do U like it? It's the first episode, so should help clear some things up.
[19:48] Beast: all the setup stuff.
[19:49] psalm23: He's seen parts of it. He agrees that this is icky
[19:49] Beast: This is COOL
[19:52] psalm23: It's a big-ass gun
[19:52] Beast: Partly.......
[19:56] psalm23: so that was all taking place 1999?
[19:56] Beast: It was - it's 2007 now. Watch
[19:57] Beast: Don't mess with a terminator
[19:57] psalm23: even the cute ones are dangerous
[19:59] Beast: What's best about all that - Sarah was shot b/4 they jumped, but she's fine now.
[19:59] psalm23: yea..woops
[19:59] psalm23: wait, didn't cameron fix her shoulder?
[20:00] Beast: Yeah - but she still had a bloody gauze bandage on her shoulder
[20:01] psalm23: gack switching channels (I LOVE digital!)
[20:04] Beast: u r not watching the SOTU address?
[20:04] psalm23: are you out of your mind?! or being sarcastic?
[20:14] psalm23: No, I don't (can't) watch Bush. I just got over a stomach thing; don't want to re-up!
[20:14] Beast: Being sarcastic.... Of course.
[20:15] Beast: funny as hell - no polite applause from the Left. They are just dissing this idiot.
[20:16] psalm23: Well they should diss him. He sux. They should've been doing that all along.
[20:16] Beast: Most aren't even looking at him on his "initiatives"
[20:17] psalm23: brb
[20:22] psalm23: Is POTUS still talking?
[20:23] Beast: Oh - he's just starting
[20:23] psalm23: What?? what's been going on??
[20:24] Beast: I suspect, based on the range he's already hit, that he'll be going for another half hour, at least. He's trying to show he knows "lots of stuff"
[20:24] psalm23: yuck
[20:24] Beast: It's his last chance.
[20:25] Beast: There are Dems READING BOOKS - I just saw one (don't know who)
[20:25] Beast: Pelosi's about asleep behind him.
[20:26] Beast: nucular power
[20:27] Beast: Pelosi's not even looking at his back. I think she wants to pull a terminator on him.
[20:28] Beast: She's reading something too!
[20:28] psalm23: She's writing her shopping list. Things to do tomorrow:
[20:28] psalm23: buy Tylenol
[20:29] psalm23: tell W he's still an idjit
[20:35] Beast: I love the Supreme Court Justices, too. They don't clap for ANYthing.
[20:36] psalm23: trying to find a way to watch it online
[20:36] Beast: Don't - if it's going to get u worked up. I should just leave it alone.....
[20:37] psalm23: Finally got a feed from MSNBC--but it's muted
[20:37] psalm23: Nancy is trying to stay awake...oops, just caught her dozing! "Wha? What? Clapping"
[20:38] psalm23: Is she following along in the preprinted version? Cuz Cheney has the same thing on his desk
[20:39] Beast: I loved it - the military guys there, when the wars were discussed, barely clapped.
[20:39] psalm23: hee...just lost the connectino for a second. I think I'm behind now
[20:41] psalm23: up they go
[20:41] psalm23: clap clap clap
[20:41] Beast: Yup
[20:41] psalm23: turn page
[20:41] psalm23: simper
[20:43] psalm23: buffering again
[20:44] Beast: WE WILL PREVAIL IN IRAQ!!!!
[20:45] Beast: idiot
[20:45] psalm23: I'm cracking up. The freeze-frames on Bush are killing me
[20:45] psalm23: He has yet to look like his IQ is over 45
[20:45] psalm23: clap clap clap
[20:46] psalm23: Cheney looks like he can't stand up straight. Leaning forward & to his left
[20:47] psalm23: Oooh a frozen yawn in the gallery
[20:47] Beast: the smirk comes out
[20:48] Beast: HE STANDS
[20:48] psalm23: I'm buffering again
[20:48] psalm23: (I'm watching a good show, or I'd just give up and find it on TV)
[20:50] psalm23: oops false alarm thought Cheney was going to stand
[20:50] Beast: "A free Iraq will eliminate safe havens for Al Queda"? They don't know anybody else?????
[20:50] psalm23: Nope. It's Iraq or outer space or underground
[20:52] Beast: now it's nucular weapons
[20:52] psalm23: Gave up I've got CBS on
[20:53] psalm23: they're up -- See they all have that book
[20:53] Beast: yeah - IK
[20:54] psalm23: THANK GOD (something to do while sleeping, read along, circling the words he mispronounces or just mangles)
[20:54] psalm23: Cheney looks like he's checking to be sure everyone is paying appropriate attention .... Flming those who aren't with his robotic brain
[20:55] Beast: He's taking stock - no doubt.
[20:55] psalm23: Some are up not our guys
[20:56] Beast: The Right Rises
[20:56] Beast: The Left Sits
[20:56] psalm23: Are they The Right because of where they sit, btw?
[20:56] Beast: Yup
[20:56] psalm23: I'm a dope--din't know that
[20:56] psalm23: (caint spell eivver)
[20:56] psalm23: NANCY FLIES out of her chair!! WTF?
[20:57] Beast: It's about Africa - the complete FU of the Bush admin
[20:58] psalm23: oooh cool headwrap and cute baby
[20:58] Beast: Liberia? I know all about Liberia. Laura's a Liberian.
[20:59] psalm23: Is there an official APPLAUSE sign in the chamber?
[21:00] psalm23: Yawn
[21:01] psalm23: smirk
[21:01] psalm23: is he done? Oh,
[21:01] psalm23: no sorry false alarm
[21:02] Beast: YAWN
[21:02] psalm23: indeed
[21:02] Beast: WRAP ME IN THE FLAG
[21:02] psalm23: That tie is an unusual choice
[21:04] psalm23: shuffle, shake, shuffle, shake, ignore the guy with the ribbons,
[21:04] psalm23: smarm, shake, grin, be lectured
[21:04] Beast: Yes - u r a Fu
[21:04] psalm23: I hear much sucking
[21:05] psalm23: as in "up, sucking"
[21:05] psalm23: Autographs?! What are we at a bball game??
[21:05] psalm23: FUCK!!! THat's just fucked up
[21:05] Beast: Sign my left breast, please
[21:05] psalm23: Seriously, when did presidents start signing programs?
[21:06] Beast: Or left testicle
[21:07] psalm23: "I'm sorry guys, my fans, they can't get enough of me" DUDE YOU ARE THE PRESIDENT!!!
[21:07] psalm23: Have a little ...jeez, decorum or something
[21:07] Beast: did u notice he's writing and talking at the same time?
[21:08] psalm23: He's signing everything "Huh"
[21:08] psalm23: "What"
[21:08] psalm23: a file folder?? Jeez, dude .... Is this normal? I haven't watched one of these in awhile
[21:09] Beast: Nucular
[21:09] psalm23: "Just kidding"
[21:09] psalm23: "I'm a dope"
[21:09] psalm23: "You voted for ME? Ha ha ha"
[21:09] Beast: InFUCKINGcredible
[21:10] psalm23: OMFG
[21:10] Beast: I have watched a lot of these - this has NEVER happened before. Even with Clinton!!!!!!
[21:11] psalm23: Jesus God ... This is fucking nuts
[21:11] Beast: NEVER
[21:11] psalm23: "My people, they luv me"
[21:11] psalm23: (Here's a $50, here's a $50, here's a $50...)
[21:14] Beast: I really NEVER, EVER, have seen a spectacle like that.
[21:14] Beast: UN-FUCKING-REAL!!!!
[21:14] psalm23: OK, so it wasn't just be being out of it, news-wise
[21:23] Beast: THAT'S a big part of what I like about Obama - he can stay on message without having to read EVERYTHING
[21:23] Beast: He's a true orator.
[21:23] psalm23: it actually sounds real
[21:24] Beast: Tony Blair was that way too
[21:24] psalm23: K who's PM in the UK now? ...I really am a dolt
[21:24] Beast: oh shit
[21:24] Beast: I can't remember
[21:25] psalm23: omg--that's bad, you're my source!!
[21:25] psalm23: Gordon Brown. Whoever-the-hell he is!
[21:25] Beast: Yeah - sure - that's his name
[21:26] psalm23: Here's what ol' Gord looks like:
[21:28] psalm23: Actually, the resemblance (sp?) to Bush is remarkable
[21:29] Beast: IDK - they both have a pretty good overbite going
[21:33] psalm23: I've just discovered something...
[21:34] psalm23: this chair, or this corner where you sit...
[21:34] psalm23: it's really WARM here!
[21:34] Beast: Yeah - hence the fan - even in winter!!!!
[21:35] psalm23: I had it on for a few minutes
[21:35] psalm23: Shit, why is this corner so warm ?
[21:35] Beast: No air movement
[21:36] psalm23: Maybe we should rearrange furntive furniture
[21:44] psalm23: Moved on to E!
[21:46] Beast: E! The 2008 Fasion Police????
[21:47] psalm23: yep
[21:47] Beast: The dude with the white hair has a higher voice than the girls!
[21:47] psalm23: all about the bitchiness
[21:48] psalm23: Glitz Glamour and Glitter!!! woo hoo
[21:49] Beast: Sorry -- Going to Discovery or something.
[21:49] psalm23: ooo-ooo-ooo, a real man channel

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