Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Libraries are public

Therefore, they are open to everyone. And some weird shit goes on.

Today, in Study Room A, we have what I can only assume is Homeschool Science Day. My eye was caught by a small bottle of dish detergent. I then unobtrusively cataloged the rest of the supplies: a measuring cup, yarn, a box of table salt, rubbing alcohol or witch hazel or peroxide... A mom and a kid.

What? Afraid to damage the kitchen with this, so you have to bring the homeschool-work to the library? [Yes, I have an attitude about home-schooling, I admit.]

But at least today we haven't found more used condoms, and no one has noticed anyone researching pictures with large letters saying JAILBAIT. Small favors....

Mood: OK
Hair: Pulled back in a single barrette (there was a hair emergency this a.m.)
Listening to: Alanis Morissette, "Uninvited" (unplugged)

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