Friday, January 25, 2008

What I've accomplished this week

Mood: blergh
Hair: I have brushed it; I have not yet 'dealt with it' this morning
Listening to: Sparky eating breakfast, and the furnace. I love furnaces! (It's officially -2F degrees outside; our thermometer says -7F)

  1. Avoided a 3.5 hour meeting at church (didn't know it would last that long, and believe me had I been there in the condition I was would NOT have lasted 3 hours!). Can't wait to see the minutes, though!
  2. Cataloged about 45 books (at work)
  3. Read about 4 million listserv messages and cataloging/library feeds (mostly from home)
  4. Checked over several recon'd CDs, and found several errors...oy (here at home last night)
  5. Email (at work, not so much at home, which has been depressing, but there ya go...)
  6. Slept during the day almost every day.
  7. Talked to my oldest sister on the phone, and cried.
  8. Worried
  9. Talked to my MIL on the phone and listened while she cried.
  10. Worried
  11. Talked to my oldest nephew on the phone (I need to call him back).
  12. Worried
  13. Talked to Beast on the phone while he dealt with the medical situations in Ohio.
  14. Worried
  15. Visited Dean, which I'm coming to realize will be the last thing I do for him. That bridge is burnt.
  16. Got angry.
  17. Drove 8 hours in one day, on a trip that should have taken 5; 1.5 hours of that was spent moving 15 miles. Did I mention snow? Ice? Stupid drivers? People in the ditch with their headlights pointing perpendicular to the road? Having to pee for 2 hours and not being able to pull off the road for fear of never getting back on it?
  18. Spent a lot of quality time with assorted porcelain fixtures.
  19. Worried
  20. Cleaned out Bloglines: deleted some feeds that don't update often or annoy me when they do; added a couple of others. Net count: down 13 from 137 to 124.
  21. Played IM tag with my oldest niece yesterday afternoon; we never did manage to be at our computers at the same time.
  22. Did not punch Schedule Nazi, though there were at least three separate reasons I wanted to, one of which was an email I received Wednesday (and read at home) which said, "Ask me what I did to your [work] cart." This left me with visions of mayhem and having to reorganize the whole damn thing. It wasn't that bad, but still.
  23. Talked to CT about labels. She doesn't like the color of the purchased light blue labels. Her own are a 'pretty' light blue. Did not punch her.
  24. Gaped in astonishment at Tom Cruise. This video is long, but OMGWTFBBQ times 12--as if we needed's horrifying.
  25. Mentally swore at my brother for being an asshat.
  26. Called our insurance company and gently suggested they update the doctor page on their website; our clinic moved almost 5 years ago, but the address on the website is the old address. Also asked about taking Sparky for an eye exam. Forgot to ask if he's eligible for new glasses. Don't think he is, though.
  27. Helped Sparky with the garbage collection and other weekly chores.
  28. Emptied the dishwasher.
  29. Called my doctor's office again and asked about a referral to my allergist, also asked for a call-back when it was done.
  30. Ate out about 10 times, primarily fast-food. And too much, every time.
  31. Worried
  32. Encouraged Sparky to figure out something to do for his birthday, and then realized that Beast will have to be the one to deal with whatever Sparky decides because I work that day. Hmmmm....maybe the next weekend instead....
So, a semi-productive week, but virtually no work-for-pay items on the list. Oh well. I'm off now to eat my morning bagel and get ready for work. Woo-hoo. Yee-haw. I'm so excited.

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