Wednesday, January 16, 2008

There is an etymology blog I scan fairly regularly. Today's post is pretty funny, about the connections between science, shit and Saxons. This, in the midst of finals, when Sparky has the following tests tomorrow: biology, P.E., and world history.

Sue me; it made me laugh!

Also, the medical situation that crash-landed on our heads last week seems to be less terminal than expected. Dean sat up in a chair for a couple of hours today, having had the tube removed from his throat yesterday morning. He's eating (well, ok, I'm not sure "protein shakes" is the same as "eating") and off almost all the meds.

Ideas for someone age 34 who is trying to not drink himself into his father's state: where can he hang out where there won't be a temptation to drink. Besides church, cuz...yeah, not gonna happen.

I have a sinus headache.

Beast is home. His mom had a biopsy yesterday. His dad is not doing well. Right now, we're all holding steady.

K, I need to write the daily email to my family about Dean.

Mood: Good, but VERY tired
Hair: the less said the better
Listening to: Beast talking to his mom on the phone

Oh, and today's the Fourth Anniversary of this blog. Party hats on, y'all!!

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