Thursday, January 17, 2008


Mood: either not awake yet or low-grade sick
Hair: uninspected, but certainly uncombed and unclean
Listening to: the dishwasher

Ugh, I hate waking up from dreams like this, although the alternative is continuing in the ugly dream, so I guess waking up is a good option.

Beast and I were having one of those stupid "I don't like your tone" disagreements in this dream. I was ranting about something related to Dean and Beast had just had it with listening to me. Then there were the obligatory hurt feelings all around during which he said something to the effect of just wanting his birthday to be stress-free. Whereupon I told him that I'd spent MY birthday visiting Dean last Sunday and didn't even realize it was my birthday till we were almost home.

What did Beast want to do on his birthday? Go to a Beyonce concert.


Maybe the absurdity is what woke me up. While I don't think he has strong feelings on the subject, I don't have him pegged as a Beyonce fan. {understatement alert}

Ultimately, the warning is clear: we need to take time for fun stuff right now.

Also, talking to a teenager and her mom about their currently-very-fraught relationship translates in Dream Speak into stress in my close relationships.

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