Friday, January 11, 2008

Delete. Delete. Delete.

I have, currently, 183 messages in my two regular cataloging listservs.
There were, until I started clicking through them, 23 posts from assorted meme-sites dated yesterday and today. I don't think there's a chance in hell that I'll be able to catch up with those.

I spent
doing not one iota of cataloging. Instead my time was used to

  • tour boy scouts and help them with their library merit badges (it's ok--I volunteered for this, enjoyed it, like the good PR it brought, and am not complaining about this as such)
  • called the library a gentleman was at yesterday to get the actual "exact title" of the book he used ("Legends" is NOT the same as "Legendary") so I could ILL it for him
  • made my boss extraordinarily excited (?) because I suggested that we could hire a consultant to help us organize and stay organized (the latter is more problematic)
  • entered demand order cards into our catalog
  • tried to figure out all the little oddball issues people have left on my desk for the past two days
  • spent two hours--TWO FULL HOURS!--doing email
  • called our health clinic to find out what we're supposed to do since our doctor has resigned; I need a referral for my allergist (OK, not work-related, but I've been putting this off for two weeks already...actually 7 weeks, but who's counting?)
  • found Katie Kazoo books, books on rain forests, books on Ronald Reagan, Captain Underpants books, Louis Sachar books...for kids
Meanwhile, I now have the equivalent of 35 straight hours of skinny-damn-bloody kids' books to catalog piling up on my cart. Oops, "carts."

Oh, and by the way, I dreamed last night that I called to see how my brother-in-law is--called his mom--and he answered the phone. At her house. I was stunned, horrified, and sick to my stomach. As far as I know, that was not a prophetic dream. According to the nurse yesterday, it's beyond unlikely to be prophetic.

Mood: Tired, oh so tired.
Hair: Pulled back with with a big barrette, and very limp.
Listening to: Tony Snow on Bill Maher. He is still a little dickhead.

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