Sunday, January 13, 2008

Vaguely random

Mood: I'm not awake enough to have a mood
Hair: Uncombed
Listening to: Faint sounds in the house (Sparky's music--Green Day, probably--is playing quietly and he's "singing" along just as quietly, the furnace just came on, Beast is moving around), and crows having some kind of convention outside
  • On Friday evening and Saturday morning, my church's Session had an extended brainstorming meeting to set out goals for this year. It was energizing, and a welcome excuse to keep my mind of 'real stuff' in my life

  • This is my third year of a three-year term on Session. A lot of people re-up after one term (you can only serve 7 years consecutively, however). I'm waffling on whether I want to do another term, but of course I don't have to decide that for 6 months or so.

  • Today is Installation (i.e. Ordination) Sunday for the new class of elders and deacons. I missed last year, and will miss today. As Clerk of Session, I actually have a role in this, but I seriously can't be there. Last year, I forgot, I think.

  • One of our decisions at the meeting was that everyone who does anything in the church needs a job description. This is the first year that I've felt like I knew what the hell I'm doing, because there is no written job description or timeline for things the Clerk is supposed to do in our church. That will be changing.

  • Is 14 too young for someone to visit someone in Intensive Care? Well, a year ago Sparky was in ICU with us when we visited Katherine and I held Nathanael; he pretty well went to pieces, on that first visit. Am I expecting too much of him, swinging too far with the pendulum? Children were not allowed as visitors when I was a child; it was terrifying. I don't hold with keeping kids out of the loop on these sorts of things; I know what imagination is like, and it's often worse than reality. Right now, however, I'm not sure that's true. Sparky's uncle is really sick, looks really sick....

    Play it by ear, I guess.

  • Last night is the first night I've slept since Monday without having disturbing/disturbed dreams all night.

  • I have four books that I've finished but haven't blogged. I'm reading SIX others right now, including the one in the car--which, for those of you who know what I normally read, is a Sophie Kinsella book...not exactly my usual fare!

  • The Christmas tree is down and I think we even managed to find ALL the rest of the Christmas decor and store it the FIRST time this year! I think the small tree is still out downstairs, but that one doesn't count because it's not "my tree." (Long story--someday I'll explain)

  • The Packers won yesterday. If you missed the game, I'll just tell you that God-as-weatherman got involved. There were snowballs thrown, and people were sliding all over when they were downed. It looked rather fun, actually. Mind you, I've almost never said that about playing football!

  • "Actually" is my new word-to-be-banished-from-my-vocabulary. I think I should (actually) try writing posts and emails sans adverbs for awhile, just to see if I can!

  • In an unusual move, BOTH of my wrists are in rebellion this weekend. Usually, it's only my left wrist that gets achy. Last night and today: both. I slept with two braces on last night (making it doubly shocking that I slept so well last night). They are still sore this morning. Love that repetitive stress stuff!

  • We will be in the car at least 6 hours today. When we return home, we will all stink of cigarette smoke. I probably sound like an anti-smoking bitch when I say that. Really, I don't care most of the time if I've got a little smoke smell in my hair or clothes, but zOMFG...the stench I had with me on Thursday made me feel like rolling down the windows in the car on the way home.

  • Yes, I'm overreacting; the real stench isn't/wasn't about cigarettes.

  • Grocery store? Haven't been in one for over a week. We are running low on everything from toilet paper to bread to cheese. Of course, the longer I put off going because I don't have time, the longer the eventual shopping trip will take because we'll need more stuff. I should have gone yesterday.

  • I think I'm starting to figure out my MP3. However, some of the tracks from our CDs didn't transfer right, which is annoying. They are skipping in parts. So I'll have to clean the CDs and try again. In my copious free 2010.

  • The director at a nearby library in our consortium is crazy. We all know that--everyone who has had any interaction with her. The most recent Stupid Director comment--told to me in an aside--was something to the effect of why we catalogers even bother to meet: we don't do anything at the meetings anyway. So I typed up notes from our meeting this week to send to the next director's meeting and was extremely glad that the number of items on the agenda was in the double digits! Meddlesome little PsychoBoss-resembling twit.

  • I hate (cataloging) skinny kids books. To be honest, I hate cataloging skinny ANYthing. Of course, I've got almost nothing but music CDs and children's series. Oh, and $4000 worth of Spanish books, which may or may not be cataloged in OCLC. If they aren't, that means I get to create OCLC Spanish. Whee.

  • I am so tired of Schedule Nazi. What do I need to do to convince her to retire? She's a waste of space at work, in the deepest meaning of that phrase.

  • I want a dog.
OMG--we have to leave in 35 minutes and I'm the only one out of bed!

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