Thursday, December 06, 2007


...was wonderful. Not that I have the foggiest idea where the time went, but it was wonderful. I bought 18 gallons of gas (!! I just Googled--my tank only holds 20), stopped for cream cheese and 7-Up (and dinner, and Clean Shower and so forth) at the store, picked up the mail at the p.o., and then came home and logged onto SimCity and watched the first 5 episodes of season one of Little House on the Prairie. It's only been sitting here for...what...4 months?

Beast called at one point, and we IM'd, so that was a break in the process. Sparky came home in terminal-meltdown mode ("WHY do I need to take four years of English? When will I ever need to use this stuff?? WHY?!?! I just want to get started on my life and be DONE with school!"). Sound familiar. Luckily, I was Good Mom today and just sat here and listened and hugged him and suggested maybe he hadn't had enough lunch (he forgot to deposit the check I wrote this morning, so they'd only give him a PBJ for lunch). I love that kid. I really, really do. He has NO idea. We never do, do we?

[By the way, I think the crux of this is that they are reading "Romeo and Juliet" and he's not 'getting' Shakespeare, and he's right--it's not a great play, really.]

Anyway, he's settled down and finished his homework and is currently working on the garbage and guinea pig cage. The same guinea pig that peed on me the other night while I was holding him. Eeeuw. He hasn't made it off my shit list from that!

Tonight: dinner, Survivor, CSI (rerun), cleaning for the cleaning lady and updating my book blog, finally.

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