Thursday, December 06, 2007


OMG--it is totally freezing today! I'm so glad that I don't have to go anywhere early--I took today off.* I do need to get gas and hit the grocery store for just a couple of critical things, so I'll have to brave the cold at some point, but not when the "official" temperature is -9F!

It's supposed to start snowing this afternoon again, but right now the sky is sunny-blue. Brrr...looks like a good day to curl up under a blanket!!

* Yesterday afternoon someone at work gave me the heads-up that I was on the schedule today. When I looked at the calendar, my name wasn't listed as being "off." I checked the email I sent to Schedule Nazi (thank God I had the foresight to send an email rather than leaving a note!) and sure enough, 12/6 was on the list of dates I sent her on October 23. So I shanghaied the boss and explained the situation--the Nazi was gone for the day (at 3:30??). The Boss and I figured out today's schedule by erasing my name and slotting the Nazi in, and then she off-handedly commented that I should have noticed that my name never got onto the calendar. WTF? That's my fault??

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