Saturday, October 27, 2007


Yes, I went shopping today. Surprisingly, this was not my idea. I hope you all read that with an appropriatly dry tone of voice. The people with whom I went shopping got quite upset with one another at one point. This was not a comfortable event. They smoothed it over, and we carried on, but it put a damper on things.

I spent about $100, including lunch and some Christmas prezzies.

My feet are tired tonight from walking around cobblestones in one of those "quaint" recovered 19th-century town-center kind of shopping areas. The whole place smelled of apple-cider donuts. I didn't eat OR buy any. That should shock the hell out of everyone! heh (I don't care for lines, and there was a line to buy them.)

I'm thinking about going back to get something I spotted, if I don't come up with a better idea for a gift for that person. Amy, wanna come with? There's a tea shop(pe) I'd like to check out.

Meanwhile, at home, Beast finished the other closet floor (and the laundry), and Sparky shut his finger in the car door (aside from some minor surface damage on the tip of his finger, he's fine). My clothes are all back in the bedroom hanging where they belong.

Next up: painting the bedroom walls. And finding throw rugs. I really want something like these, but I can't find them anywhere except in England.
No. Really: booooooo!

Anyone have access to kilim rugs with Greek dolphins on them? Seriously. I'm just looking for smallish area rugs. Let me know if you have any ideas for where to check. I'll go with something else if I have to, but not with good grace!

So that's my day. I'm going to bed now, in hopes of a major enough freeze tonight to kill anything pollen-y so I can be outside again.

I have to work tomorrow afternoon. Ick. But I can't complain, seeing as how I haven't worked for two days. Plus, after next weekend, I don't work Fridays or Saturdays for the rest of the month.

Good night.

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