Monday, October 29, 2007

Pendulum swing

From one side to the other...

This morning at DbD, I was mistaken for someone who owns horses and also makes her meals there. I like my other self, actually, if I own horses!

Later, at Sam's Club, I was called "snotty" by another shopper. OK, I probably was being snotty, but only because she and her Crew were being stoopud. I did not respond to her comment "Well, aren't we snotty!"

On the drive home I got behind Stereotypical Driver From Hell. Speed: varying between 43 and 49, but not according to the posted speed limit signs. Where we were supposed to go 40, I was left in the metaphorical dust. When the speed limit went up to 50 or {gasp} 55, I caught up. For bends in the road, we braked. At stop signs, we opened the door (coat caught in it?? I have no idea) and closed it, which confused everyone. Finally, on the last straight stretch, posted 55, I could pass without breaking 60mph. Grr!

When I turned onto Mere, I passed some friends clearing brush and slowed down to say hi. They were too occupied to notice me idling there, and it wasn't safe for me to pull of, so I went on and crested the rise...only to see a 4- or 5-point buck stand in the exact center of the road 100 feet in front of me, silhouetted against the trees and looking toward the right side of the road. He eventually took off down toward the creek.

Now that I'm home, I can hear the popping that means hunting season is in full swing. Sigh. I hope he makes it this year.... (Yes, I know deer season doesn't start till later, in November sometime)

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