Friday, October 26, 2007

Holy cow!

I hadn't updated my Links over there to the left in EONS!

Till tonight.

And...I just deleted--unread--over 300 Library Serious posts that had accumulated in Bloglines. The only ones I saved were Typos of the Day. Because, somehow Serious has come to mean to me Tedium.

But. Really: 300 posts in a week? WTF! Time to weed out a few more on that list. Besides, Planet Cataloging now aggregates a few of those I've had coming in with their own feeds. Off with their single-feed heads!! I hope that helps. The rest of you: be warned. You could go too if you don't find something to say that isn't navel-gazing and lint-picking (friends' blogs excluded--you know who you are!).

I also updated my co-workers list. It occurs to me that I have not added Elizabeth's husband, so I need to update the family list next.

[Additionally, my reading list is now current, both here and at the book blog. 10/27, 10:00 a.m.]

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