Thursday, October 18, 2007

Run to daylight

Today is just another Thursday at work from 12 to 9, where Schedule Nazi will be her ever-more-usual dingbatty self. I need to remember to only say that sort of thing here. The walls have ears at work.

But! Tomorrow, I will be leaving at 6 a.m. to pick up a colleague in a field -- don't ask -- and thence to a meeting in the Biggish City to the northeast. It says a lot, not much of it complimentary, that I am THRILLED to be going to this meeting. Here's the schedule:
8:00-9:00--Registration & Continental Breakfast Buffet
9:00-9:45--Welcome, Business Meeting & Small Group Discussion (Welcome & ...UG Chair Report)
9:45-10:45--[host library and library system] Presentation* (all Technical Service stuff)
11:00-11:45--[database platform] Presentation ("New Stuff We Are Excited About")
12:00-1:00--Tour of [the host library]
1:15-[???]-- Lunch (OPTIONAL) (at the swanky 'club' next door to the library)
* I used to work in this library system. I left just before they switched to this database platform, which is the same one (obviously?) I am using at my current workplace. I know at least one of the presenters in the Technical Service portion of the meeting. It's quite likely that I will know several of the other attendees from the system.

Fortunately, PsychoBoss is in a different library system now, ironically one using the product that just fucked over the rest of the consortia to which I belong. So, she won't be there. Shucky-darn!! And it would only figure that she'd be involved in the debacle that is [New Software Company]. I still find it sadly amusing that a company would willingly choose a name that is a homonym for a Greek goddess (or sorceress, or nymph) whose main claims to fame were "transforming her enemies, or those who offended her, into animals through the use of magical potions [and] her knowledge of drugs and herbs." (Wikipedia)

And with that, I will sign off, because I need to go through the calendar for the next two-plus months and find days where I can use up my 97-hours of accumulated vacation and holiday pay. The fun just never ends around here, does it??

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