Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Never a dull day in my life. My eyes are still giving me fits (to quote my mother), and I'm going to the eye doctor this morning, so that's under control.

Yesterday, one of our library users asked about puzzles in the children's room. We keep several out for kids to play with. Apparently, somehow, many of the pieces have 'migrated' behind the registers against the walls. The registers are under the windows--because that's the unimaginative place the builders put them--and the walls are curved in that area, so the registers aren't flush. There's a gap behind them. I was looking to see if there were any behind the first one, couldn't get a good sightline, and lowered my head while leaning further out...and came down HARD on the window sill with my forehead...about an inch above my eyebrows (and glasses).

I have a very sore forehead now. Soon it will look like Beast has whacked me across the head with one of the legs of the furniture he's been working on.

Perhaps he should. I'm a dork.

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