Monday, September 10, 2007

Foo-ball! Uhhh!

Hey, yo. The Pack won, beating the Eagles 16-13.

Don't sound so fuckin' surprised, all you "Favre is washed-up, over-the-hill" pundits. Hah.

The man has tied up John Elway, and will be passing him in the wins category next. And that is simply going to Make My Week when it happens. (I loathed Elway for the duration of his tenure in Denver; it was a long dry spell for me to go without cheering on the Broncos, and I blame the jerk for Dan Reeves' departure, the best coach the team had ever had up to that point...)

But I digress: the Broncos won yesterday as well. And the Bears LOST!! As Bob Costa said last night (I paraphrase): "The Bears defense was strong and did a good job. Unfortunately, the Bears offense also got off the bus for the game." I really, really, really love Bob Costas. As a matter of fact....the Bears have moved into the slot in which I hope they stay ALL SEASON: absolute bottom of the NFC North.

Two downers for the day, one relatively minor and the other a major tragedy: the Brownies lost (hugely), and Kevin Everett (Buffalo Bills) was badly injured, damaging his spine in a helmet-to-helmet tackle he made on the second half kickoff. What a terrible thing.

And that was the first week. Bring on week 2.

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