Friday, August 03, 2007

Things I've noticed lately

It's really hot this week. On top of the heat--which I continue to insist that I like--it's humid. If it were only hot, I could manage; it's the humidity that does me in. Just think: in six months, everyone--including me!--will be complaining about the cold. It's rare for me to gripe about heat, but I'll join the chorus on cold. I'm very grateful I don't live any further south this time of year, though.

Some crazy person has decided that the Declaration of Independence is too hard for her students to understand, so she is rewriting it. My issue with this: how 'bout taking the time you're using to recreate...uhm...BEAUTY...and try using it to teach kids to understand complicated but specific language! (via here)

I have to go to a funeral/visitation today. [I really hate the word "visitation" by the way. It sounds rather spooky.] Anyway, this is the funeral of someone I don't remember ever meeting: the sister of a coworker. NOT the sister of Crazy Cat Lady! There's a whole back-story to this with her, but I'm trying to develop amnesia about CCL's existence. Yeah, so I have to find appropriate funeral apparel that I won't ruin by sweating. Black and summer really don't go together much.

Other than that, I'm going to try very hard not to think about the interpersonal parts of work today. I may do some work on the CD reclassing project that's imminent, but that's part of my job that I like: ok, the old number is 784.3 but the new number should be 781.66 (or something). Thanks to Amy, I don't have to start from scratch on this!

Sparky is going to his personal nirvana with a friend today for this friend's birthday. I've been in this place once. That was sufficient. C.'s mom is taking the guys today and then Sparky will spend the night at C.'s house, where I'm sure he'll be up till the wee hours videogaming again. So I have a totally teen-free afternoon ahead of me! W00t!

One of my rewards for today is playing a game Kwizgiver found that combines geographical knowledge with Tetris. I love Tetris. I'm a little scary about playing Tetris, in fact. I hope this is as fun as it looks.

There is (faint) hope that some Crazy Christians are (finally) getting over Harry Potter. But, guys, we are not the American Library Society; our initials are ALA. Figure it out. And so I left a comment. ;-) (via here)

Earlier this week, fracas published a list of slang words for drugs. In scanning the list I was gratified to discover that I recognized the majority of the words, if not for the specific drug, then for something to do with drugs. If you have kids, are around kids, teach or generally want to know something of what teen culture is like, go read this list. And then pay attention!

It's official: my alarm clock just started beeping. Guess my day has started. Time to face facts and get moving.

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