Thursday, April 02, 2009


  1. Hey, it's poetry month! Hence the poems that have posted the past two days (oh, how I love post-dating!).

  2. My Bloglines front page says I have "63 updated feeds" which include 367 unread posts. I also have 172 saved posts. I think this means I am officially buried.

  3. I am caught up in tweets and Fb, though. Short Attention Span rules the day!

  4. I am not loving Fb's 'update'. Just discovered that you can't do "less of/more of" individuals. People are either in your news feed, or not. That explains why I get RSS'd updates in Bloglines for Stephanie, Kyle, Kevin, et al., but never see 'em on Facebook; in the old incarnation they were "less of" but now they are invisible. Guess I'll create a 'group' of them so I can find them periodically. Stupid. How is this an upgrade, Fb??

  5. Today I am meeting someone with whom I may be spending a great deal of time in the future, someone who may strongly influence my external happiness meter. Hope that goes well.

  6. This weekend is crazy busy: local mission trip on Saturday (more on that, perhaps, later). On Sunday I'm playing in the bell choir at church which will be followed immediately by an Easter Egg hunt for the little kids. The youth group is going to hide the eggs, so as soon as worship is over, I have to go into supervision mode. Whee.

  7. My mom's health is stable. That's all. I have not bought plane tickets. Not...quite...yet.

  8. Found a shirt this morning in my closet I had forgotten about. It was with the summer shirts, but it's a long-sleeved T. Why, yes: I am wearing it today, as a matter of fact!

  9. I'm nearly caught up in cataloging new materials at work, but suddenly feel absolutely swamped in projects. Graphic Novels, biogs, gifted videos and manga, calling STOOPUD publishers to cancel subscriptions (Dun&Bradsteet, you SUCK!) original cataloging, typos, fairy tales...the floodgates have opened.

  10. Our system database manager at work needs to be punched in the face. This has nothing to do with anything else in this post. He just does. On principle.

  11. Sparky has reverted to 100% teenager. Glad he's normal. Wish he'd pull his head out a little more often though.

  12. The sun is out. This is a good thing, yo.

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