Friday, February 27, 2009

Rolling with the punches

The Plan:
- Get up a little later than usual
- Get Sparky on his way to school
- Check email/twitter/Fb/Bloglines after a long dry-spell last night where we had no access to the 'net
- Help Beast finish preparing for his week-long trip (which combines family stuff and work stuff and is pretty complicated)
- Wave goodbye to Beast
- Go to the grocery store
- Other projects and errands
- Meet extended family members for dinner
The Actuality, as it stands now:
- Get up later than I planned
- Get Sparky on his way to school
- Start checking the 'net stuff
- Beast finished packing after a night spent in the recliner (oops--never came to bed!)
- Phone call from FIL's place saying his blood sugar crashed and they called 911
- Now in the midst of multiple calls to all and sundry to see what impact this has on FIL's schedule (dialysis, etc.), and to make sure 911 has things under control
- ....[see post title]

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