Monday, February 23, 2009


Wow, I was a complete slug this weekend. Maybe I was storing up for today's busy-ness? On the other hand, I did get some stuff done: most of my to-do list is crossed off. Today I'm having lunch with a friend and then later in the afternoon I'm doing some sort of presentation at work for a Girl Scout troop about library collections. This follows my usual two-hour busman's holiday at Sparky's school library this morning.

Beast has hit the road yet again this morning, so Sparky and I are on our own for a couple of days. Hopefully we won't kill each other. He's back to being the 'typical teenager', i.e. head up his butt 90% of the time. Things will cycle back to calm again at some point. However, I've just promised him that I will call the doctor--the 'real' doctor, not the pediatrician--for an appointment to chat about his inability to sleep past sunrise. It's making him sleep-deprived and can't be helping in the Head-Up-Butt Department.

The Oscars, at least the last half, were more entertaining than they have been for years, except for the multiple wins that "Slumdog Millionnaire" received. Look, I think it's great that a movie about another culture won, and I haven't seen the movie, but it sounds completely stupid and unrealistic and sappy...and all the other cliches about Hollywood movies. (OK, and Benjamin Button sounds MORE realistic?) But Danny Boyle seems to be a lot more fun than most directors out there, and he gave a good speech.

Am glad Kate and Sean won. Very glad. I love Kate, and I think Sean's movie was released at a critical point in history, and I loved his speech! That was the Sean we can appreciate so much more than his usual annoying, self-aggrandizing, mopey self.

In other news, after jokingly calling one of the youth group members on her language use on Facebook, she was able to dish it back at me in spades when I posted using a 'worse' word myself. Oops. They keep me honest. That's good.

I've finally gotten around to updating all of my reading stuff, both in terms of printing out the full list of what I read last year and also creating the cards. Yes, truly: I keep a card file of the books I've read since about 1992ish. It's not all that library-ish--I only file by main entry (usually author) with the date so that I can go back to the printouts and read what I thought about the book. Yes, I know I could put this all online. I like writing the cards up. Sorry, Tim Spalding. The serendipitous discoveries I make every year are so much fun. "That book was by the same author as that book that I read in 1996! Really!"

The drawer I used to file the cards--acid-free paper drawer, purchased at an office supply store--is nearly full, and yet I am considering adding a title card for each book. Don't worry, I'm not going the subject route. My notes on the books aren't complete enough to do that. Frequently, the notes are pretty useless or non-existent, especially pre-blog (though this year I had a patch of no-reviewing too).

So, that's the update. I'm gonna head to school now. Shelving awaits.

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