Sunday, November 30, 2008

Checking in

Mood: Blergh
Hair: Cleanish
Eyes: Tired
Listening to: The Broncos/Jets game
It's snowing. All kinds of weather warnings today. But, really, not all that awful. Not enough for a snow day tomorrow for Sparky (and the rest of the district), unfortunately.

It is sort of unfortunate since he spent yesterday feeling totally lousy--throwing up and sleeping with the "just in case" bowl a foot or less from his face. Today he seems almost normal, except for the coughing. Meanwhile, both Beast and I are still feeling the lingering effects of this bug: we are drop-dead tired.

The Packers lost (and they did deserve to lose, despite a kick-ass 3rd quarter), the Browns lost, and the Broncos are currently ahead of Brett Far ..., er, the Jets, but I'm not holding my breath.

The highlight of today, it seems, will be The Amazing Race tonight, directly after which I think I'm going to bed. I really have to be at least functional enough tomorrow to go to the grocery store and run a couple of other errands, and call the supplier from whom we order our greens for youth group. They messed up our order in a big way, which we didn't realize until we started delivering things yesterday. Along with that, one person called to ask why she got a cross instead of the tree she ordered. ...Uh, cuz you ordered a cross not a tree--wow, duh, fill out forms much?

So, no one here is in a very good mood, and I can't actually wait for the end of winter in spite of the fact that it just started today got sll intents. And purposes.

Urban Word:
goat rope: A situation or activity that has become completely fucked up, or, an exercise in futility. The phrase comes from the image of a goat, tied down with a rope, humping the rope but not getting anywhere. Similar to goat fuck.

The health in this household is currently nothing but goat rope.

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