Friday, October 24, 2008

It's never good when Marie cries

If you are keeping score at home:
  • 1 family member in assisted living
  • 1 family member recovering from brain surgery in June and getting regular 'tune-ups' as the docs adjust the electrodes they implanted
  • 1 family member recovering from last Tuesday's knee surgery; still in the hospital, but everything is moving along fine
  • UPDATE! 1 family member in hospital since last night because she's too sick for the nursing home where she lives
The last two are in rooms next door to one another. Mom is vaguely aware that she's in the hospital--she asked my sister (the knee surgery patient) "What did I do?" this morning--but not eating, drinking, or even opening her eyes. Marie did get some food into her this morning by spoon-feeding her.

So, Marie is supposed to go home today; she's going to try for another night so she's there with Mom. Elizabeth, Marie's oldest daughter, is scheduled to arrive tonight to help out for a week or so. Sparky and I will be there 11/7. At this point, I'm not sure if Mom will still be around.

Or not. We've had so many false alarms with Mom that I just never know. This is the worst, though. Her doctor is pretty sure this is it. As in "it."

So, generally...see title.

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