Sunday, July 13, 2008

Proof I'm not a "money person"

Beast told me last night after he did some sort of financial boogety-boo with the online accounts that he had just added several thousand dollars to his (i.e., our) retirement savings. I think. Or something. It has to do with stocks. Or stock options. Or...well, something. Anyway, there's more theoretical money there, which appeared in a matter of half an hour.

I'm 44. Perhaps I should find a better clue about this stuff, eh?

I don't understand electricity either.

I do, however, know how to find the answer to this question: "We're looking for a book about an Air Force pilot who was shot down.* I don't know the title or his name, or any authors' names, but it was from the last ten years or so."

Also, I like this bookshelf (and the site where I found it):

* She was looking for Scott O'Grady. We figured it out because he ate ants.

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