Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Must be the moon

Mood: Fair
Hair: Probably fine, but flat
Eyes: OK right now
Listening to: Mike Rowe autopsying a shark
Publishers are insane. Or perhaps it's the fault of Cataloging-in-Publication institutions. I'm not sure. An hour of my day today was spent discussing by email what date to use as the publication date in a bib record: copyright or pre-publication (i.e., guess) date. Just precisely HOW can you say a book was "published" in 2007, but not copyrighted until 2008? 'Course, we had a stellar example show up in the middle of this discussion of exactly the reverse: a series of children's books "published" in 2008, but copyrighted in 2006.

In the interest of being informative, if you want to open a public library in an area already served by public libraries...there are some rules. You can't just plonk out a handwritten sign in front of any old crap-ass building and call yourself a library. "Let's put on a show!" is only cute if you're a kid. Grow up.

When OCLC/Connexion doesn't work, it's a problem. Last week I actually had pared two full carts of books down to one full cart. I'm not back up to two full carts again, since Friday. And Connexion picked this morning to crash.

Oh, and I live in an area that makes rural areas and small towns look bad. A sequel to "Deliverance" could be filmed here, but they'd have to import smarter and more attractive rubes.

I had a headache most of the day, too.

Some days it doesn't pay to get up outta bed.

Urban Word:
HTF: How the fuck.

One wonders, some days when surveying the panoply of humankind, HTF we ever could consider ourselves The Most Intelligent Species on Earth.

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