Sunday, June 22, 2008

Oh. My. God.

Mood: good
Hair: NOT in a ponytail, braid or knot! First time in a week!
Eyes: good
Listening to: ads (watching Password in spite of Regis

I just realized this afternoon that I'm leaving for the ALA conference on Friday. I thought I had another week before I left. OMG. I'm really nervous about the arrival Friday night, but after that I think it's going to be fine...mostly thanks to artcat, who is my roomie for the weekend (props to her--my lifesaver!).

So. I have a bunch of work I need to do before I leave.

Sparky starts Driver's Ed tomorrow. I am making 12 DinnerByDesign meals Tuesday. We are all getting haircuts on Wednesday. Beast is going to hang curtains this week; today he fixed the (almost completely GONE!) brakes in my truck.

Life is good. Except for the 194 posts in Bloglines related to library stuff...but I'll get through those eventually.

Urban Word:
earlybirditude: the (often annoying to others who don't share it) overly happy attitude of early birders - often associated with a great eagerness to call 7am committee meetings and to embark on sales-related shopping trips that mimic dawn raids on enemy encampments

OK, I'll admit I have tendencies toward earlybirditude in my work life. My apologies to the owls I know.

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