Thursday, June 05, 2008

Goin' on

Mood: Good
Hair: A bit flyaway from humidity
Eyes: Fair
Listening to: An odd (but quiet) sound from the fridge
In case you all care, Summer Reading Program starts next week in libraries all across America, if it hasn't already. You may be too late to get in and see a quiet library at this point until August. Don't say you haven't been warned.... On the other hand, if the sight of dozens of kids enjoying books makes your eyes light up, come on in!!

The advice from the Professional this morning involved telling me to stop picking up snakes, to stay away from edges, and to follow the middle way. Also, guilt is not a Christian emotion. I'm going back next week to let him know how I did, especially on snake avoidance.

He's a cool dude.

Now, about those 65 mph winds this morning...I was in basements for both of this morning's meetings, for which I am quite grateful. There was a rumor of 'green sky.' Green sky, for those unfamiliar with the midwest, is as eerie as it sounds, and generally translates to "Weather is Coming--Find a Flashlight NOW!" In this case, it wasn't flashlight weather, quite. Mother Nature just did some more tree trimming, the second time this week. Whee.

I'm home now, long enough to eat lunch, blog and head back to the 'brary where I will be partially covering for Crazy Cat Lady who always takes the week before Summer Reading Program off.

Urban Word:
Homing from Work: Using work time and resources for personal tasks. See reverse telecommuting, work from home

I expect to get a slightly higher-than-normal amount of homing from work done today during my scheduled Reference Desk hours.

P.S. After four years of being told, "REALLY, those are lilac bushes in the yard!" this year they've bloomed. In profusion. I guess God does love me after all.

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