Tuesday, May 27, 2008


...I am. Don't know why. At least not exactly; God knows I certainly have plenty of reasons to be so. But there's not one over-arching Thing Making Me Sad. The Sad is like dry sand absorbing everything from light to heat to moisture to brain cells, all around me.

Which just reminds me that my life could be so much worse: say if that sand was Darfur sand. So I'll keep my non-Darfur sand. Maybe I'll make a sand-castle, and move in. Maybe I already have. Maybe I'm turning into a self-absorbed, navel-gazing dingbat with too much time on her hands. Not that I have time. In fact, the sand might be hourglass sand, come to think of it.

Urban Word:
tall tee: A long T-Shirt that goes down to someone's knees, and commonly worn by people into HipHop culture.

Do you know how hard it is to find a cute tall tee for girls? My midriff doesn't need to be wearing any of the usual girly shit.

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