Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wordy weirdy

I love my friends:

[20:35] The Stalker: blick
[20:35] psalm23: plock
[20:35] The Stalker: bork
[20:35] psalm23: boom de ata
[20:36] The Stalker: manana
[20:36] psalm23: pinny gig
[20:36] The Stalker: hee hee
[20:36] The Stalker: you got me

Urban Word:
Lawyer Ball: The art of playing the rules instead of playing a game. For example, trying to work out a walk in slow-pitch softball. Swing the bat, you puss!

Also applicable to weenies who demand free throws after the slightest contact in a pick-up basketball game and d-bags who take yardage penalties in backyard football games.

There is nothing worse in amateur sports than watching out-of-shape men piss-and-moan and play lawyer ball.

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