Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Amazing fact

OK, so yeah. I just figured out/remembered last week that I can RSSify one of the cataloging listserves I have had delivered to my email for years and years. It is VERY ACTIVE--i.e. it hit the (apparent) 200-post limit in Bloglines in less than 4 days--and it just piles up in my email and makes me crazy. I set my email account to stop received emails...

...this morning I can't believe how much lighter I feel when I logged into my work email and it didn't immediately pop up with "400 Unread Emails--You SUCK!" I'm much more used to ignoring unread feeds than emails. Training? Dunno, but the posts are substantially easier to read in feeds than in email as well. Faster, cleaner, more easily disposed-of...

Ahhh. Technology working FOR me. Yay. Listening to Bob Seger on my old college station helps, too (they played Slipknot and Something Corporate and Hoobastank just before--don't worry it's not all crap!).

This one's for Aims--
Urban Word:
Irregardless: Without lack of disregard.

Irregardless, I feel your pain on the Net 2.0 webinar. Sux to be you, eh?

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