Monday, April 14, 2008


We're trying hard to socialize Ruka. Here he is sitting on my shoulder. We hold him on our laps and he scurries up to our shoulders as soon as we let go. He's only just gotten there in this photo. How do I know? Cuz he's facing away from me. As soon as he gets his balance, he turns around....
And faces the back. If he can't see you, he's invisible. Right? It took him about a minute to wind himself up in my hair and start climbing my scalp. Yes. Really. Fortunately, his nails are short. (OMG--I'm getting jowls! Fuck!!)
And my hair is weird and ridge-y because I had headphones on for awhile when it was still wet. It's actually in a braid, not that you can tell at this late point in the day...I think it was close to 10 p.m. when these were taken.

Meanwhile ... this is my kitchen, as of this morning. Here's the rest of it, or at least the island (you can see a bit of it at the right in the top photo):
Neat freaks, are you passing out now? We have mail, food, paint rags, hats, a dead plant, four live roses, napkins, knives, a toaster oven, napkins, paper towels, bananas, and 3 large silver serving platters in a welter of disorganization. I feel like this is a shoot for one of the I Spy books.

In any case, I'm off to wipe down the stove with Clorox wipes so I can use it for cooking. Yes, 'tis true: I'm going to make dinner from scratch tonight: mac-n-cheese, from memory!

Then I will be driving Sparky back to town for an anime thing at the library. Right now, he's probably finishing up his test for his driving permit. You've all been warned!

This post = my reward for getting almost everything on my list done today, and not spending the morning doing memes.

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