Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More schedule

OK, I know this is getting repetitive. These things totally go in cycles, though.

I slept poorly last night due to ridiculously stupid television-watching before bed: a true crime show about a college girl, an hour of classifying various serial killers by their level of "evil", and an hour on the VA Tech shootings. And then off to bed.

It should come as no surprise then that today was not a good day. I spent ten minutes this morning doing a major PMS routine with Sparky. I yelled at coworkers--not that I haven't asked them dozens of times nicely about this issue--and then wasted over 4 hours working on the bloody demand order from last week. I got no forward-motion work done. The printer wouldn't work until I practically beat the shit out of it.

Left work at 3:15, stopped for pop for tonight's meeting, and thought my bad mood was lifting. Nope. Sparky and I arrived home at the same time and I picked up where I left off this morning. Eventually I settled down, but not before spending almost 15 minutes waiting for this laptop to boot up and then another 20 trying to get the documents for tonight's Session meeting to print.

I took a twenty-minute break, talked to Beast on the phone--he's on his way to Holland--had a brief convo with Sparky about tomorrow's schedule (see below) and left at 5:50 for the meeting.

My confirmand didn't show up. Bad sign. I shoulda left at that point. Tonight's the night the Session meets and welcomes the confirmands to the congregation. We had dinner with them, chatted, blahblahblah. Then they left and the actual meeting started.


I was clearly a bad person in a former life. This meeting was hell. We adjourned at 9:50. I yelled at people THREE TIMES to stop talking at once so I could fucking hear the wording of the actual motions being made. I was in tears by the end, put away the laptop, talked with a few people after I'd pulled myself together a bit, and stumbled out the car where I sobbed for a couple of minutes. Last, except the pastor, to leave. Fuck me sideways, I hate these meetings.

Tomorrow, up at 5:20 to shower and head off to Bible Study--which I NEED in a visceral way, especially this week. Sparky will head off to school on his own, and then come over to the library afterwards to do his homework. Once he's got that sorted out, we'll head to Amy's house (tee hee), stopping on the way for gas. Say goodbye to another $50.

Amy and I are doing a class together tomorrow night. During the class, Sparky will terrorize the world from the computers in the library where she works. Afterwards, we drive home...about an hour?

Thursday morning I have a massage at 9--gee, d'ya think I need one?--and then I work in the afternoon and evening.

Friday, I'm off work. It was tempting at tonight's meeting to say that I would be one of the Session reps going to the mediation meeting with a local government mafioso-in-his-own-mind....but no. The only reason that I'd want to be there is if I had a loaded pump-action shotgun for use on the aforementioned politico. He is s jerk. Instead, I'll probably clean the house up. Woohoo.

The upshot that I'm spending a lot of time, words, and space to say is that I'm not going to be home much this week.

Beast is on his road trip through Thursday (?) and then will head to his parents' house to see what he can do to help out there. He'll head home either Saturday or Sunday.

Good things:
Sparky still loves me (why, I have no idea)               kids are riding bikes in the neighborhood
nothing in my body is actually causing me tremendous amounts of pain right now
I have a curtain in my kitchen window for the first time ever in this house
(and for the first time in any kitchen in a house in which I've lived in this state!)
magnolia trees are blooming friends--OMG, without friends I'd so be toast!
there's a freezer full of dinners in my basement I have earplugs and I'm not afraid to use 'em
I know I'm not the only cranky person around (there were three of us at tonight's meeting)
CT didn't have a heart problem after all teenagers make me laugh
I have a good book on CD in the car a massage is coming very soon
seeing Amy the weather is wonderful I heard some good/loud headbanging music at work today

Urban Word:
web shy: Unwillingness to expose one's thoughts, feelings or identity on the web, knowing that doing so means freaknobs from Baton Rouge to Bangladesh will know everything about you.

Judging by this post alone, I doubt very much I would ever be diagnosed as web shy.

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