Friday, April 25, 2008

Is it over?

The meeting wasn't all that bad this morning. I corrected a typo on one of his slides, a slide he has used in presentations all over the place at least 10 times. There was another typo later. Clearly the dude doesn't believe in SpellCheck--a man after my own heart, no? :-)

Stacie, my masseuse--how grandiose!!--hurt me today. Hurt me bad, for the purpose of doing me good. She worked on about 100 square inches of real estate on my upper back. I had to keep telling her to stop while I breathed out some of the pain. In the end, however, I can now turn my head, tip my head, nod my head...without pain. The pain I am feeling is more deep muscle soreness, like I actually did something for a change, rather than OMGWTF--I AM ATLAS!!

Then I came home, started laundry, cleaned, talked to Beast on the phone, watched last night's shows, tidied a little, mopped the kitchen/back hall/bathroom, finished the laundry, faffed about on teh 'tubes (including moving around and deleting several feeds in Bloglines--I'm down to 125. Hi Amy!), called Jenny...y'know, life. The good stuff. Yes, mopping = good stuff. I've lost my mind! I ate dinner too, by the way: fish. Yum.

Still need to put away about 2.5 weeks' worth of laundry tonight, finish the convo with Jen, and take a bath. The wind is whipping around outside, rain is falling, and I think there's a tornado watch for another few minutes. I love the smell of ozone. It's warm enough that I had to put on shorts, and I can hear people sitting in their garage across the street talking. Because the window, she be open.

N.B. : Regarding yesterday's rant about courtesy...before publishing the post, I deleted the line I had originally included that explained that I checked my site stats before writing it. If you have visited here anytime in the past month (or more), you are not involved. What I should have known about you guys (gals?) is that those of you who would take it to heart are those to whom I would cut miles of slack right now because of the shit in your personal lives. I'm sorry if I caused any of my good and true friends any angst. You all know who you are, dahlinks. Mwah.

Dear God, I've turned into Billy Crystal!

I'm going to go do that laundry thing, because I'm sure as soon as I start it, I'll be interrupted by a phone call, a good phone call.

Urban Word:
ice maker: The opposite of ice breaker. Something you do that makes it super awkward, right after meeting someone.

Doesn't it seem as if some weeks everything that comes out of your mouth when speaking in a group of people is an icemaker? Or is that just me?

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