Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Went to school tonight on Honors Level and AP classes. They've changed the focus on how to sign up for them. Instead of requiring a teacher's signature (i.e. permission), anyone can sign up for them, with just a parent's request (i.e. permission).

So Sparky is signed up for Honors Chemistry, Algebra II, and English next year.

And then...then we took a friend home who mentioned that there was a math quiz tomorrow. (REALLY?) Once we arrived home, I quizzed Sparky on Chapter 8. I have nofuckingclue what to do with sines/cosines/tangents. He does. He's officially smarter than me now, in math. Ack.

Plus, all of this got me out of a Session meeting at church.

Life is pretty good, all in all.

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