Sunday, March 16, 2008

Palm Sunday

Mood: not bad
Hair: wet
Eyes: dry
Listening to: Sparky brushing his teeth upstairs

Holy cow--it's Palm Sunday! That means church today will be a little more exciting than usual: kids galore, and good hymns. I may absent myself during the passing of the peace so as not to contaminate anyone who hasn't had this particular brand of crud.

I worked four hours yesterday and then came home and went to bed. The weather is finally perking up. There are rumors of a full week of sunny days ahead of us. I hope I'm healthy enough to enjoy it, but if not at least I can open the curtains and blinds and sleep in the sun.

Weird dream this morning about the library in the town where I grew up. It has since moved a few blocks away, and the whole area has been reconfigured: new streets, different buildings, etc. In my dream the building had been torn down, the streets were as they were c. 1980, and Sparky and I were wandering. We got caught hiding in the old building, which turned out to be abandoned but not torn down. It turns out this is the computer center for the city, and it's more or less an underground parking garage with the remnants of the library signage still in place. The funniest sign? "Circulation" with another sign hanging down from it that read "School Bell Schedule" giving the impression that the bells ring at the library.

Why? Because the circulation desk area was actually the office from Sparky's middle school.

WTF? Dreams are weird.

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