Monday, February 04, 2008

Life...or something like it

Mood: OK so far
Hair: French-braided (out) from yesterday, slept on...i.e. sticking out all over
Listening to: Sparky counting his money and talking to himself in his room

Random news:
  • We had extra kids at youth group last night: boys! Yay.
  • We also have a LOT of extra food, most of it of the "junk" variety. Anyone need any chips??
  • We raised almost $400 for Souper Bowl, and the final "score" chose the team that actually won last night. Awesome!
  • All the spaghetti is cooked for Wednesday's dinner at church. And no one got hurt doing it.
  • We have a Roomba. I'm going to use it for the first time today. Beast has been playing with it all weekend. It's my turn today!
  • I met a blog-reader on Saturday via Meebo who lives in Prague. Hi, A.C.! I love the Internet.
  • Beast's parents are still doing well.
  • My sister Jean is probably not going to have DBS, because she has the 'wrong kind' of Parkinson's. She's debating being a guinea pig for the rest of the people who have her sort of PD and having the DBS done anyway.
  • I'm having home-made (by someone else) M&M cookies for breakfast. w00t!
  • We got MORE SNOW last night...sigh.... It has been a really white winter this year.
  • Survivor starts this week. Beast is boycotting it until one of the "favorites" (so-called) is voted off. Hopefully that will be early, like this week!
  • There are a lot of dishes to do. Good thing I like washing dishes!
  • I also have a note on the calendar that I'm supposed to call this week about Sparky's 'booster.' I don't know what booster that means. I hope his doctor knows!
  • Perhaps I'll clean off my desk today.... [insert insane laughter here]
Most importantly, 15 years ago this morning I woke up realizing that my life had changed irrevocably. Beast and I were suddenly responsible for decisions regarding the care and feeding of a sleepy little red-haired critter. And there were decisions to make that very first morning. It has been a surprisingly fun ride for the most part. Happy birthday (yesterday), Sparky!

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