Sunday, January 20, 2008


Mood: Pretty good, surprisingly
Hair: I combed it this morning
Listening to: The Patriot-Charger game

I don't feel good today: headache (which actually kicked in yesterday) and an unpleasant stomach. I was awake for three hours last night waiting to throw up, which (thankfully) never happened...but it got down to -10 outside and my feet were still freezing cold at 8 when the alarm went off. Beast got up and went to church with Sparky. I was still in bed when they got home, finally dragging myself downstairs at about 11. As soon as I save this, I'm going back up and curling up in bed some more. I want to watch the Pack--shocking, eh??--tonight, but I'm not sure I can stay up to see it all if I don't take a nap.

And yes, I do know how old that makes me sound!

Tomorrow, I'll drive 3 hours up to Dean's with a stop at an outlet mall for clothes for Sparky and me (and Packer sweatshirts for everyone including Dean if they win), also some new school folders for Sparky for second semester. Then it'll be 3 hours back home, hopefully before Beast leaves for Ohio.

His mom is having a chat with her oncologist tomorrow, requested by the doc. Her other son will be there. I don't think Dad won't be at the meeting; he was admitted to the hospital Friday morning. Beast has to be the area for a customer visit this week anyway, so he's just going to arrive early so he can stay with his parents for at least a day.

(And, WHY, why...10 minutes into the game, are the New England fans BOOING their team?? Wow, them are some sucky fans; y'all should be ashamed of yourselves!)

Au revior.

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