Saturday, December 29, 2007


Friday evening
  • Snowblow driveway
  • Empty guinea pig cage, clean, and refill
  • Take trash to curb
  • Take a bath
  • Work on more "My So-Called Life" episodes I made it through two more, and the commentary on one of favorite: the one with the handcuffs...
  • Call Mom I even made Mom laugh!!! Yay, me!!
  • Call Beast
  • Run dishwasher
  • Call returning college students
  • Call D. about mentoring
  • Call returning college students
  • Call D. about mentoring I decided to just talk to her at church tomorrow
  • Take out recycling
  • Swiffer the first floor (dry AND wet)
  • Sort out gifts and tidy up
  • Look for photos tomorrow....I promise
  • Sort laundry technically, Beast did this
  • Do dishes
  • Empty dishwasher
  • Sweep out front closet Sparky did this after they got home, since it was all guinea pig debris--hay and cage fluff--anyway
  • Look over confirmation book
  • Make dinner, real dinner!
  • Shave legs Oh, hell, I'll do it eventually!
  • Look over Souper Bowl stuff
  • Call CT to cancel Friday plans (WHAT WAS I THINKING?!)
  • Hug my boys multiples times, and thell them how much I missed them
Not bad for 24 hours. I realize that a lot of this is just day-to-day life, but it still counts as getting done. Now, if I could just remember where I put the video that goes with the confirmation training book....sigh.

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