Thursday, December 27, 2007



Why is a perfectly attractive young man, probably about age 22, who is at the library with his mother...WHY does he feel compelled to keep the crotch of his jeans about 4 inches above his knees so that every time he leans forwards in his chair--at the computer in front of me--or stands up--before he pulls his T-shirt down--I get a full-eye view of his tightie-whities?


Why doesn't his mother smack him and tell him to dress properly? Or rather, why didn't she do this earlier? Or even...why can't he wear boxers? It's just totally NOT a good look to see white briefs, not unless they are considerably better quality and OPAQUE!!

I shudder to think what these guys' clothes will look like when they are old men. I mean, the current Old Man Age style is to pull the pants up to the ribcage because that's how pants were worn back in the 40s (and 50s and 60s).

Just...ugh. Now, along with my sinuses exploding painfully, I'm nauseated. Gross.

Addendum: About three minutes after my shift at Reference ended, as I was gathering my stuff to head to my desk, another youngish guy stood up. Same problem--too short of a shirt--only THIS time....OMGOMGOMGOMG...there was no underwear in sight, just a lot Erg. I don't ever want to see that part of anyone's anatomy unless I'm related to them, by blood, and not even then, not often, not in public, and not while it's being squeezed to death by the waistband of jeans.

I suppose tomorrow I'll be confronted by whale tails all day!

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