Friday, November 30, 2007


It's Friday. I scheduled today off, and then found out/realized that we have an in-service meeting this morning. The library is closed and the whole staff will be meeting to discuss...stuff. One of the major topics is Dealing with Mentally Ill Patrons (and/or just plain nuts patrons); those are two VERY different concepts for me, the latter being ostensibly 'normal' people with shitty personalities. What's no fun is when you meet someone who is actually mentally ill who also has a shitty personality. I used to work for someone in this category.

No, there won't be a component of Dealing With Idiot Co-Workers as a part of this discussion. Too bad. We need to install a Valium dispenser in the workroom for that.

My annual review was yesterday. It's all good, no surprises. It's good to have a boss to whom I can actually say, pretty much verbatim, the previous paragraph!

(To be very honest, this has not been a bad week at all. My attitude is better about being overloaded, and I've been intentionally taking time from cataloging to work on some of the big-ass projects that have been languishing. And nothing anyone has done has hit me in a way that pushes any buttons.)

Anyway, so I have the afternoon free. There are some errands that need to be done, one of which is because of a delay in being reimbursed for the Christmas greens which is my fault and requires some creative bookkeeping....sigh. I should dig out the Christmas card list and supplies this afternoon and work on a letter.... We'll see. Maybe I'll just curl up in bed and read till I fall asleep.

There is a chance of snow today and tomorrow. Mostly it's just crappy weather. November sucks; it is, officially, the cloudiest month of the year around here, and this year especially it seems downright gloomy.

No news from the in-laws, but today was the earliest we'd hear anyway.

And my carpal tunnel is back, from typing on the keyboard at work after being at home for so long, and from flipping the books over to scan the UPC. I have to do that at least twice for each book. Wrist brace, ahoy (it's mostly my left wrist).

Time to get myself moving. I hope we have doughnuts this morning!

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