Thursday, November 15, 2007

Scorpio birthdays

So, here's the full list, at least as much as I can remember right now, of all the people I've known born this month. It's immense. What is the deal with this month??
(I think there was a work birthday at the end of the month, but I can't remember whose it was)
Oct. 26--My Swedish penpal
Oct. 27--My sister Jean
Nov. 1--Techie Librarian
Nov. 5--My dad
Nov. 7--Consortial cataloger J^n#
Nov. 8--Ann B. (high school friend)
Nov. 10 (?)--One of the pages at work
Nov. 12--Me, Beth B., and Cyd (both high school friends)
Nov. 14--My high school boyfriend, and consortial cataloger P#g
Nov. 18--Beast
Nov. 19--My nephew Don
Nov. 22--Michelle G. (high school friend) --this is borderline; technically, I think she's a Sagittarius, but it's just part of the string at this point
(there is another birthday this month at work, but I can't remember mind just went completely blank)

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