Monday, September 17, 2007

Weekend Update

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Saturday: dietician visit for Sparky's Way High cholesterol. Nothing new here (for me). We'll see if he listened. In the event, after we left he came with me to work. I was supposed to be there by 10. At 10:20, after 40 minutes of screaming at each other in the car, I finally arrived. He slammed out of the car, sans phone, going for a walk, hoping he got "hit by a car on the way!" Frankly, at that point, that was not something I would have been averse to. Yeah, great motherhood moments...

Eventually, he calmed down enough to return to the library, I calmed down enough to not talk to him like he was a dipshit (even if he is sometimes), and we worked things out.

I worked till 6:30, well after everyone else had left, trying to get some cataloging time in. Crazy Cat Lady has been gone for a couple of weeks and I had to cover a lot of her hours Saturday.

Had a good meal Sat. night (I love Dinner by Design!). So tired I could barely keep my eyes open through eating, and went to bed semi-early.

Sunday morning we had church--interesting service (Beast was, at one point, drafted into acting the voice part of a drunken teenager in a skit)--followed by a brunch (during which I 'rested my eyes' a lot), and then packing up the extra food to bring home with us.

The afternoon was spent cleaning, organizing and prepping for the first youth group meeting of the fall, which meant anywhere from 6 to 18 kids ages 11-17, along with their parents (briefly) and some other leaders. I think we ended up with 10 kids. Teenagers are noisy -- am I the first to notice that?

We had fun. Here's proof:No, it wasn't The Rapture. We don't really "do" rapture in PC(USA). Creative chalk usage...that's all!

Overall the meeting went well. There is one thing we need to iron out, and quick, but nothing the kids are doing wrong. This is adult problem-solving time. The kids are simply fabulous.

And now, today, I need to finish some of my Clerkly duties, and finish the cards for the capital campaign. I also need to hit the grocery store, and do some dishes, call the eye doctor, call church, maybe stop by.... My life = spurts of mayhem and long stretches of daily dullness. [wouldn't have it any other way]

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