Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What's for supper?

I was just reading one of my favorite language blogs, probably the most accessible one in my blogroll, Separated by a Common Language. I love the posts where she tackles food, and she comes through again in a post about corn today, linking to this pizza menu from Dial-a-Pizza somewhere near Liverpool. If you are hungry, this may cure any desire for pizza for awhile (and I can vouch for the whole corn-on-a-pizza thing--my relatives add tuna to that deliciousness...gaaack). I also wonder what the connection between some of the named-for-states pizzas on the menu is.

What is cracking me up is that one of the ingredients listed for Chicago style pizza is "doner" meat. Uhhh, had I not read today's post from Language Hat, I not only would not have known what that meant, but I would have been pretty damn grossed out! And why is Chicago America's Home of the Doner?? By the way, REAL Chicago style pizza = not available in England. I've never seen a thick-crust/pan pizza there, and if I did I'm not sure I'd eat it. Not sure I'd even eat a "Chicago-style" pizza anywhere else in THIS country actually. I love me some deep-dish 'za, though.

And as for prices on that menu--figure on multiplying by 1.5 or so to 'translate' it into American. So, it's a little pricy, this joint, at least compared to what we pay here ($18.75 for a 3-topping deep dish pizza, delivered...not that I have that memorized or anything because we order the same thing every Sunday night from the same place...hah). However, we can't get chicken tikka kebab from our pizza place. That's sorta depressing. Oh, well, at least they deliver to Crank...if not cranks.{snort}

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