Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Yesterday was a Good Day.

Today...who knows? Could be a good day also. I work all day, Sparky attends his last day of band prelims, and Beast undoubtedly has something really exciting going on at work. Like pull tests. Hah. (The link is not to any organization that I'm aware of Beast's affiliation with, btw--and yes that is a horrifically bad sentence!)

Hopefully, my eyes have recovered enough to be functional at work all day. I was given a pass at the clinic yesterday to keep using the eyedrops for the remainder of the week. Should be better by then....

This is Sparky's swan song summer week. Have I mentioned lately that he's adorable, and smart? OK, sorry; I'll stop. He starts high school a week from today. He is so not ready, but who really is ready for these sorts of transitions?

The part of the day I'm looking forward to the least? Tonight. There is a Session meeting. I have done next to nothing all summer with my clerking stuff, and between that stuff and the kickoff stuff for youth group in the next couple of weeks, I think I will need to start paying the piper for my summer of freedom.

In any case, today is a full day. Guess I should get on my pony.

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