Thursday, August 30, 2007

Stupid School

So yeah...we had a Special Visitor today: someone's dog jumped out of his truck and followed him into the library. We have motion sensor doors, so he probably waited a Very Long Time in doggy minutes before following (maybe 10?). Maybe his human was in trouble, after all!

Anyway. He was very cute. I musingly said that it would be nice to have a Library Dog as a mascot (most libraries have cats). Then again, I continued, it won't happen as long as the director and I are here, since we are both allergic to both cats and dogs.

To which C.T. responded: "Well, I'm not allergic. We should get a dog. I'd feed him."

I did NOT verbally (or physically) smack her. I was busy being completely stunned at her intense stupidity.

The dog was sweet though. Made my day, actually.

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