Thursday, August 23, 2007

Tech Bites

I came home from work after 2 hours yesterday: updating the server (well, not, but easier than explaining the reality) meant that there really was nothing I could do that was work-related. And my eyes were still making me crazy. They, at least, seem better today. And the computers were back online at 12:15, according to my boss. I declined going back.

At about 2 we lost electricity here, and that meant losing the TV and laptop. Sparky & I played Balderdash for an hour or so, and eventually the power returned. We finished the rest of season 2 CSI Miami, but the laptop wasn't connecting to the net. Apparently our wireless provider was having trouble with "a" (i.e. "the") tower. It seems to be back now. But it has been in and out all morning today.

More thunder and lightning overnight. We're getting very mushy.

Yesterday, Sparky got his finalized class schedule in the mail, along with his locker number & combo. Today is his school physical. Tomorrow is his first meeting with band members and teacher. We've had a short lesson on where the music lyre goes (I didn't play clarinet, so I have no earthly idea, so he'll have to ask someone else), but otherwise he's so not ready for this. ;-)

Funny story about the lyre. When I called the music store to make sure they had the lyres in stock, I asked for "a lyre for clarinet for marching band." The girl said, "A wire for clarinet...??" I spelled it. She put me on hold to ask. She came back and said, "Well, we have clarinet lyres but not for marching."

All band geeks, please hold the hysteria down to quiet giggles.

I'm posting this quickly before I lose connection again.

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