Thursday, August 23, 2007

Don't drink the water!!

So last Thursday I reported on the in our neigborhood. That same night, on his way home from work, Beast noticed a neighbor couple pulled over on the side of the road, one with each of their cars. They were having a discussion with the local cops while a wrecker loaded the Caddy for towing.

Much speculation ensued that night about these neighbors, then we turned to the creepyp#rv. There was a brief story in the paper Friday about a guy arrested the day before for DUI and public indecency at our little "around the corner, only if you're desperate" grocery store. I saved it in Bloglines, not sure why, probably just to see if any more news turned up on it. Stuff to be apprised of, maybe I shouldn't shop there...etc. etc.

Beast ran into our "backyard neighbor" tonight--a normal neighbors, probably our closest friends here. She informed him that Mr. No-Zipper/HandCheck (playing with himself in public, see above re Friday's paper) is the dude across the street from both of us, the one who owns the Caddy that was towed last Thursday. Apparently, Beast showed up right in the midst of Mr. NZ/HC being arrested! Meanwhile, Mrs. NZ/HC had driven to meet her husband (mind you, this was all happening three blocks...maybe...from their house). She arrived, and was arrested for DUI as well. Both cars were impounded. They bonded out of jail, but Friday morning there was a cab in the driveway. Now we know why.

Footnote: for more on these neighbors, see this post.

We are wondering if we should stop drinking the local water. We're sort of afraid that something in it makes people p#rvy. There will be yet another not-fun talk with Sparky in the a.m.

People are weird. And really freakin' stupid. But you-all knew that, right?

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