Thursday, August 02, 2007

Carrying on a theme

It's currently 82 degrees, according to the Pixie. I'm not even checking anywhere else!

Took Z home, leaving at 7:30 a.m. He had band camp this morning at 9 so needed to get home to pick up the instrument, to pack a lunch, and to unload the 50 lbs. of video game gear he brought with him overnight. They were both up till around 1, then got up at 6. Sparky fell asleep in the car on the drive home (by way of Best Buy for a gift card for another friend at whose house he's spending the night tomorrow--sheesh!).

Sleeping in the car: momentous. He simply never sleeps if there is any kind of light on his face.

I'm tired too, and somehow I pulled a muscle. It's not acute, not gonna keep me from functioning, but it's annoying and feels weird when I walk.

Heard from our leaders of the mission trip in Minnesota that everyone affiliated with them is fine and accounted for. We stayed, and worked, quite near where the collapse happened. What a nightmare. I did briefly think about the road going out from under me today as I circled around a freeway entrance ramp. It was just a quick thought, easily pushed away, but I can see how terrifying it's going to be for the people who lived through this.

Have to be at work in 35 minutes, so I guess I should go "prettify" my hair (dried in the car on the way to Z.'s) and make sure I don't have any obvious clothing faux pas (what is the plural of 'faux pas' anyway?). Maybe I should eat lunch as well...?

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