Tuesday, July 31, 2007


My waking up dream this morning took place in church. I was sitting on the left section of the sanctuary (our old sanctuary was divided in half, but in our new building, we're playing around with multiple aisles, so we sometimes have two sections, sometimes up to five, across the width of the room), in the old building. Beast was in the center section. There were a lot of musicians sitting up front, or maybe just more congregation, but anyway they were facing the back of the sanctuary. I got up and snuck down the aisle to sit by Beast for the sermon. Halfway through, I realized that I needed to sit back on the left, so I moved again. Afterwards, Beast stood up to tell everyone that we had family here (which was a surprise; I hadn't noticed them): he forgot my sister and brother-in-law's names, and called my brother "Uncle Norton" (as in OUR Uncle, and his name is Del, not Norton), but he got the other person right, not that I can remember who this other person is now! It was weirdly embarrassing and funny.

I woke up part of the way at this point and tried to sort out why my brother was at church, why none of us were sitting together (hello--THAT is totally clear to me!) and why I was so upset that someone from the chancel moved to my side pew and sat on my (green plastic) wallet. I left the sanctuary at this point and went in to help with the little kids, of which there were two in a very large, completely unrecognizable room with no adult present until I got there.
Apparently, that last detail freaked me out so much it woke me up all the way. At 4:15 a.m.

Fairly quickly, I started to get knotted up about work, realized I was finished with sleep for this night, and came downstairs to check memes and read. I leave for work, with Sparky in tow, in half an hour.

Sparky wasn't ANYwhere in this dream. That's a bit odd.

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