Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Glad I'm not in the U.K. today

Just about every service profession is on strike. Not sure how I feel about their reason for striking, but I do find it interesting that it's a mostly pink-collar strike (to use a very dated term they don't use). Nice to see women getting a bit shirty with the status quo. I love England, but one of the things that annoys me when I'm there is the bizarre (to me) attitude toward women in the workplace. Or, well, anywhere.

My sister was a librarian. You'd've thought in that field she'd've gotten a minimal amount of respect by the time she reached her 40s. Er, no. She was a "hysterical pushy American tw*t" (consolidated comments over time). And that * is not filling in for the letter 'I'.

Anyway. I have some sympathy for the government here, but what they need to do is raise the retirement age across the board, not just for some professions.

And, I'm glad I'm not unionized. There was a great deal of personal discussion of unions last week. Fascinating. Still not joining one. Yet.

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