Wednesday, March 01, 2006


So, Amy and I were on a road trip in the state just north of this one. It was sort of a blog meet-up, all the librarian bloggers. Except we got lost and ended up in O*les*y (which is south of us in this state!) instead of ***someothertownIcantremember***. On the map, we were miles away, and we had to go through H*u*ht*n to get there. Now that I'm awake, I realize that the geography is completely messed up; H*u*ht*n is several hundred miles north of the area we were in. In the dream we were maybe 50 miles from our intended destination, across a river. In the center of the state. T*ma* was involved, too, as a route marker.

Anyway, we ended up at a library. Where else? It was a converted house, similar to the house of nearby friends (we'll call it Wayne's House). Wayne's House is an old-fashioned farm-house, three stories high and narrow. Imagine this as a library. Lots of small rooms. On the other hand, it was also big enough to have a huge hotel-like lobby with small shops, including a barber shop.

Rather than heading off to ***someothertownIcantremember***, we stopped in at this library, and surprisingly several other bloggers were there, including Matthew, although we didn't figure that out till later. The room we ended up in was a kitchen on the second floor, sink and cupboards intact with small tables scattered around.

Actually it was one of those dream rooms that shrink and grow as the need arises. It was a lot like another friend's kitchen, at Linda's previous house. And Matthew was having a conniption about something towards then end of the dream--a spill? A stain? The music on the radio waking me up? The very strangest thing is that I haven't read Matthew's blog in months.

There were absolutely TONS of people in this library: women's groups, kids studying, Matthew, the librarian from my childhood library (the scary woman, I think her name was Hazel), and the barber. [Can you tell the boys had their hair cut yesterday??]

Then I woke up and the day started, and now I'm latish for work because I wanted to get this written down before I forgot.

I've had a couple of totally bizarre dreams lately (last week it was one of other librarians and me at PLA, but she had brought along "her" children, who actually are Arlene's kids, and the hotel we were staying in was sort of a cave and looking very Gaudi from the outside). Weird.

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